What To Do If You Have A Car Accident


If you are involved in a car accident you must be sure that you remain at the accident scene. If the other car leaves the scene write down the other car's license plate number. Be sure to call the police even if the accident seems minor and do not leave until the police officer tells you that you may do so. While you are waiting for the police to arrive be sure to obtain the other driver's name, address, phone number and auto insurance information.


If the accident is the other automobile's fault and your car is damaged then the automobile insurance on the other car should pay for the damage to your car . If the insurance company for the other car denies that their driver was at fault then they will refuse to pay for your property damage. Under those circumstances you will have to rely on your "collision coverage" to pay for your property damage. If you did not purchase "collision coverage" on your car then you may file a lawsuit to recover the amount of your damage.


If you are physically injured in the accident, then you should go immediately to the nearest emergency room. If the accident occurred in Pennsylvania, regardless of who caused the accident, your auto insurance will pay for your medical bills. When you go to the emergency room or to the doctor be sure that you provide them with the name and address of your automobile insurance company. You should only provide them with your health insurance information if they require proof of a second form of insurance.


Once you have a chance but as soon as possible, you should call your insurance company and report the accident to them even if the accident was not your fault. You must cooperate with your insurance company if you want them to pay either your property damage or your medical bills or both. If you are injured, you should only discuss the accident with your insurance company. You should not discuss the accident with anyone from the other car's insurance company. Also, you should not accept any payment from the other car's insurance company or sign anything from the other car's insurance company without first consulting your lawyer.


If you are not physically injured then make a note of the date, time, your location and the direction that you were traveling. If you notice any witnesses to the accident, obtain their names and phone numbers. Be sure to note which police department responded to the scene and obtain the police officer's name.


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