Premises Liability


In Pennsylvania it is the duty of a property owner to keep his property reasonably safe. The property owner must inspect his property periodically and be certain that it is safe. If the property owner is also a business owner then he or she must take extra precautions to ensure that his property is kept in a safe condition. However, just because you are injured on a business owner’s property does not mean that the business owner is liable for your injuries. Before the owner of a business can be found liable for your injury it must be proven that the property was in a defective condition. Also, it must be proven that the defective condition was known to exist by the owner. If it cannot be proven that the owner knew that the property was in a defective condition, it must be proven that a reasonable property owner would have known about the defect and corrected it or warned people about it .


If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you should report the accident to the property owner as soon as possible. You should take photos of the scene soon after the accident occurs. Finally, you should contact Chester County attorney John P. Winicov because he can help you. He will provide aggressive representation and handle your case with the care it deserves.


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