Wrongful Death


When a person is killed through the negligence of another person the surviving family members have a right to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased person. In Pennsylvania this is known as a Wrongful Death case. If the person died without a will then the attorney representing the Deceased will assist the family in filing papers in court to create an Estate for the Deceased. Since the Deceased cannot sue him or herself, the Estate takes the Deceased's position and can sue the negligent party for damages. A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by family members, or by an administrator in the name of the estate of the person who died. A Wrongful Death suit is a lawsuit to recover compensation on behalf of the family, including the Deceased's husband or wife, children, or, if the Deceased is a child or does not have a spouse or children, it can be filed to recover compensation for the parents of the Deceased. A wrongful death claim allows the Deceased's estate to file a lawsuit to sue for the damages sustained by the Deceased. These damages can include the loss of earnings, funeral and medical expenses and an amount for the pain and suffering the Deceased experienced prior to his or her death.


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